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Help! Being single is ruining my life!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Here’s a great question to ask yourself.

What if no one coupled-up, and everyone was single forever? Would you love your current life and feel complete? Or would you make changes to be more fulfilled, happy and inspired?

I believe that taking partnership off the table allows you to see if you are living your full potential now, or waiting for a partner to save you and make things better. It helps you focus on what you desire for yourself as an individual, which is so empowering because progress toward your goals is in your hands.

A relationship is co-created and not completely up to us, so it’s important to do what we can to improve our well-being and not be tricked into thinking “I’ll be happy when I meet someone, singleness is the only issue.” You will bring your areas of dissatisfaction into your next relationship. Who wants to do that?! So why not use your single time to discover and embrace personal interests, goals, and desires that will improve your life right now.

If you are satisfied overall with where your life is now, that’s great! And….

There could be a background story of lack or hopelessness that is weighing you down, preventing you from enjoying your life. If you would feel happy and excited about life with the guarantee your will partner will show up, then your angst about being single is anxiety created by your negative thoughts. Especially if you’ve already done your part to be your best self! By worrying about when, how, or if you will meet someone…you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy the present moment, where life happens in the now, and now, and now. Try to relax by trusting and knowing that your person will show up at just the right time, and all you can do is stay present and make the most of your life. Let yourself feel better by staying present and enjoying the beautiful life you’ve created as you allow your person to get ready for you. Remember nothing is wrong, and you can change your thoughts and energy to feel better. It’s good to feel good :). And attracting to your future partner :).

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