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My Story

I have always been intrigued by the complex nature of how we relate to one another, and what makes for healthy connection whether in a romantic, family, friendship, work or community environment.  I began my career in the finance industry, where I observed how the quality of communication, interpersonal skills, and an understanding of human behavior could transform business relationships.  At the same time, I was reading countless self-help and psychology books to better support colleagues, friends, and myself with struggles related to career, identity, dating, and relationships.  I discovered that educating myself so that I could support and empower others while they navigate their struggles was my true passion.  Helping myself and others gives me the confidence to help you too, whether it's exploring who you are, changing your career, building self-esteem, or improving your relationships.  I cherish working in a field where I am constantly learning and growing as a clinician, expanding my skill set and experience to better serve those I work with.

Training and Certifications

I completed a four year post-graduate program at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, known across the world for its innovative models of relational therapy and as one of the highest regarded institutes in the United States.

I received a Master of Social Work from NYU and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts,  Connecticut, and Florida.

In addition to my practice with individuals, my specialized clinical experience includes over eight years of work with college students, couples and families, and career/ identity development .  I also served as a clinical supervisor for mental health counseling graduate interns.

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