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Healthy connections are an essential part of a fulfilling life, yet all close relationships are both rewarding and challenging.  They trigger our vulnerabilities, reveal our deepest longings, and show us where we can heal and grow. Conversely, absence of connection can be incredibly painful, making our daily lives feel they lack meaning and purpose. 


I work with people who experience common problems such as interpersonal conflict, disconnection, anxiety, loneliness, anger, trouble developing and maintaining boundaries, career/identity confusion, lack of motivation, and self esteem struggles. We partner on goals such as improving communication and intimacy, rebuilding trust after infidelity/betrayal, managing life transitions (college, identity development, parenting, career, separations, infertility), and increasing individual coping skills and confidence.  My approach is highly engaged, flexible, and collaborative; I will support your goals by helping you gain insight into beliefs and patterns, allowing for positive change in your life.  

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